The Escalantes

NOTE: These pictures were the best we could do with a cheap little point-and-shoot film camera. Photos and text by Jenya.

Here is the Fortymile Ridge trailhead. It's 103 degrees.
A couple miles overland and this big wowie view opens up:

You have to go through the creatively titled "Crack-in-the-Wall."
Lisa & Ben survey it from above.

Matt going through sideways. Big fatso.

And we're through!
That 600' sandslide is going to suck on the way up.

But now we're at the bottom, in beautiful Coyote Gulch...

...home to the most majestic pit toilet on Earth.

Art shot.

More Coyote Gulch...

One of the many waterfalls...

...that necessitate scrambling to get past.

Yosemite got nuthin' on this place.

The elephant dragon rock thing. And Steven's Arch.

I like big buttes.

Stevens Arch, several hundred feet up, with a hole you could fly a plane through.

A better idea of the scale.

Cliff Arch, AKA Jughandle Arch

The trudge back up the sand hill.

Ben "Pack Full of Bricks" Lebofsky, loving it.

Back on the surface

The trudge back to the car

Bye bye, wowie place

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