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Evolution Valley and More! (August/September 2006)
A backpacking trip with Jenya and Nat covering parts of the Sierra National Forest, Inyo National Forest, and Kings Canyon National Park, followed by excursions elsewhere. First time using only digital photography, and first time hiking/camping well above 11000'.

A few days off in the midst of 7 weeks of touring with a traveling show around the country, and we happened to be in our favorite state: Utah. So what did we do? We drove and drove and hiked and hiked.

Paria Journey (May 2005)
An extended trip exploring the hard-to-reach corners of southern Utah previously unvisited by me and Jenya, joined by fellow intrepid adventurer and desert afficiando Anthony. We hauled a tripod into Buckskin Gulch. Definitely worth the extra weight.

Utah Excursion (June 2004)
Mike and Nat join me and Jenya in a week-plus of backpacking around southern Utah, including the Zion Narrows, a return to the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, and much, much more!

Jenya and I take a two-week excursion around the entire Plateau. A complete adventure including many national parks, backpacking, incredible natural formations and ancient canyon wall art. Oh yeah and lots of driving.

Mount Hoffman (August/September 2003)
A quick n' dirty weekend trek up to the peak with a bunch of people.

The Escalantes (June 2003)
Some pictures taken with a bad camera on a June 2003 backpacking trip to the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument in southern Utah with Jenya and Ben and Lisa. Will get better photos of this trip on-line someday. Someday...

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