Gig Archives: 1996

(Disclaimer: this may be incomplete or inaccurate)

Monday, January 1st, 1996
with Flywheel:
We played the Nightbreak in SF as part of a long suite of local rock bands celebrating Hair of the Dog day. A surprisingly good set despite hangover, and good attendance as well. I wasn't expecting much but it ended up being quite fun.
Friday, January 26th, 1996
with Dreamland:
Another gig at the old Stork Club for us, this time with local folk-rock heroes the Sandycoates and rock-rock heroes the Love Props. According to my old notes this was probably our best gig, performance wise, despite the fact I was kinda sick and weak. I guess I toughed it out. Real good crowd, too. All the bands had some kind of a draw.
Tuesday, February 27th, 1996
with Dreamland:
Played at the Bottom of the Hill in SF with this other local band The Earthlings opening up for us. They had their own monitoring system. Seemed really fancy at the time. And we headlined this Tuesday night gig. You can guess how that panned out.
Thursday, February 29th, 1996
with Dreamland:
Gig at the Berkeley Square. Another rough night. I can't remember the middle band's name. Shit. But one of the members of D'Cuckoo was in it. And headlining was Thoth. Trippy scene. And much to my surprise the violinist ended up being the subject of an Academy award winning documentary years later.
Friday, March 8th, 1996
with Dreamland:
Was this my first gig ever at the Starry Plough?! It was a good one, as we were opening up for Eskimo. Good times. I think this gig contained the debut of our song with me on drumkit. That was a stupid idea.
Wednesday, April 17th, 1996
with JOB:
After a short break, we succeeded in finally crossing the Bay Bridge in order to hold a musical conference at the wonderful Beanbender's venue in downtown Berkeley. We made some pretty decent sounds considering the harsh rains that threatened to ruin all the expensive noise-generating equipment, and Jai Young was able to query the audience to "raise your hand if you've never seen Harvey Keitel naked." We opened for the Manufacturing of Humidifiers, who were cute and cuddly and stuff.
Wednesday, May 8th, 1996
with Dreamland and Mumble & Peg:
My notes say both bands played the Starry Plough on this night, but I'm writing this 17 years later and I have no memory of this night whatsoever.
Saturday, May 18th, 1996
with JOB:
A wonderfully delicious little event, which was held at a party in the Berkeley Hills. There were scads of long time fan club members as well as new inductees there to behold the glorious noise which JOB spewed forth in a warm, steady stream of vibrating air molecules - much of which was heavily laden with intense psychological content, but none of which was translated to tape, to our dismay. This marked the point where JOB finally felt they had reached "the next level."
Friday, May 31st, 1996
with Mumble & Peg and NC-17:
Back at the Stork Club. Usual Mumble & Peg gig, but I also sat in with my housemate Crissy's band NC-17 playing drums on a tune. They were in between drummers so every song featured somebody on the scene sitting in. Good fun.
Friday, July 26th, 1996
with JOB:
The most professional noise injection yet. JOB made noise after a duo comprised of guitarists extraordinaire Myles Boisen and John Shiurba, who collectively go under the name Uncle, and before the always vivacious, challenging and dwarfing Splatter Trio. This happened at the festive Stork Club in downtown Oakland. JOB gained a hand full of new fans during the set, especially after Mark took off his pants. Included a guest appearance by the celebrated Erik Carter, who attacked Jai Young with a pool cue. Long story.
Tuesday, September 10th, 1996
with JOB:
The first performance in San Francisco since 1995, held at Hotel Utah's Dark Circle Lounge. JOB followed noises made by Matt Sperry, his friends, and the drunken shouts of angered European patrons after their pinball game was rudely interrupted as Gino Robair lept off the stage and unplugged the noisy machine. Not many attendees, since it was Tuesday night. The sounds were loud yet calm, on fire yet cool, fried yet air-baked. For a moment during the show, life was good. That moment later became known as "The Dream Editor."
Wednesday, November 27th, 1996
with JOB:
Once again we unleashed our demons at the Stork Club in scenic downtown Oakland. We made the soundman, Frank, wet his pants as we played well beyond the proudly imposed decibel limit within the first few seconds of our set. Matt bewildered the audience while sputtering in the microphone at the foot of the stage. This also bewildered Jai Young and Mark. Vegetarian dog food was supplied for consumption. Following us were the even louder and bloodier Foster Brooks, and then the intense and brooding High Powered Leroy. This was sort of a Feast or Famine night, as every band had recorded demos and other things at Feast or Famine Studio.
Saturday, December 21st, 1996
First show of the "Erik is visiting" local tour. He'll be in Oakland for a few weeks so he threw together a few shows around town for kicks, including this one which was in the short-lived nameless live-work performance space on Valencia near the highway in SF. Chuck, Erik, and I got together just that afternoon to dust off all the tunes and learn a new one ("Doing Spending Time") for this gig. Made it back to Oakland by 12:30am, just in time to catch Eskimo playing a set at the Stork.
Thursday, December 26th, 1996
Stressful day, picking up my visiting parents who flew into SFO, drove back over the bridge in horrendous rain in my tiny car with bald tires and broken defroster. Then after a late dinner dragged them to the Starry Plough to watch us play. Fish or Fry opened up, they rocked, we went on, and my parents managed to stay awake through the set despite jet lag and all that. Dad got a kick of out Erik's screamy version "Without You."
Monday, December 30th, 1996
Sort of a gig - just me and Erik on acoustic guitars trying to be heard over the sports bar crowd at Cato's. Well, Erik can really scream if he needs to, and he did at points. Kind of weird as we were in the studio all day recording our infamous "Driving me Backwards" cover, and right after we finished playing we headed back to the studio to finish mixing the tune until 2am.

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