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Thursday, February 14th, 2019
Three years later we suddenly had another gig - a standard Austin Powers themed event at a conference party in Palm Springs, CA. This was a particular adventure of a gig - due to a spate of fucked up weather all over the west coast, there were cancelled flights (rebooked onto earlier legs), and a harrowing drive from LAX to Palm Springs which involving ceaseless rain, flash floods and washed out roads. But musically it was a particularly good gig. We had a lot of the usual A-listers, as well as three newbies (Jamila on vocals, Christopher on drums, Ross on bass) who absolutely nailed the material. Plus it was a good audience - lots of appreciation and dancing. Two tight 45s - super easy and fun. But, man, the commutes to/from the gig were a real pain in the ass.
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019
with Monstrika:
Historic debut show of Monstrika at the Ivy Room! We opened the night, followed by Chicago heroes District 97 and then local heroes Inner Ear Brigade closing it out. Some might remember that - almost a decade ago - miRthkon and District 97 played together at CalProg 2010. So our paths finally crossed again! Nice throwback. Also a throwback: the night before the gig I was replacing batteries in my bass and one of the 9 volt connectors busted in half, so I had to solder a new connector in - first time soldering anything useful in over three decades. I was jumping around the stage and the sound never cut out, so I'm glad my bass surgery worked! Anyway we played our ~35 minute set of four tunes. Felt great, sounded great, I only forgot one or two words while singing. Pretty successful introductory statement.
Friday, July 26th, 2019
with Monstrika:
Back to the Starry Plough! Still doing this! We got the primo slot in the middle of two theme sets. Opening the night was the awesome entertaining Brian Kenney Fresno playing a birthday show. And closing the night was the introvert's nightmare Doctor Striker. Total party night with us in the middle playing a dark set, including two new tunes. We're up to six live numbers - a full album's worth by some accounts. Awesome crowd - all the bands brought people out. Friends new and old, near and far, checked it out. I love that.

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