Gig Archives: 2019

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Thursday, February 14th, 2019
Three years later we suddenly had another gig - a standard Austin Powers themed event at a conference party in Palm Springs, CA. This was a particular adventure of a gig - due to a spate of fucked up weather all over the west coast, there were cancelled flights (rebooked onto earlier legs), and a harrowing drive from LAX to Palm Springs which involving ceaseless rain, flash floods and washed out roads. But musically it was a particularly good gig. We had a lot of the usual A-listers, as well as three newbies (Jamila on vocals, Christopher on drums, Ross on bass) who absolutely nailed the material. Plus it was a good audience - lots of appreciation and dancing. Two tight 45s - super easy and fun. But, man, the commutes to/from the gig were a real pain in the ass.

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