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Friday, January 8th, 2016
Fun gig to start the year! Secret Chiefs 3 and Neil Hamburger performed at the Roxie in SF including a screening of the movie "Entertainment" featuring Hamburger himself as... the Comedian. What a wondefully disturbing flick, then Neil did some stand up to lighten the tone, and then we did a short set including cameos by Neil and Mike H. What a weird night. Also weird was the very unique lineup: Trey on keyboards, guitar, and snare drum. Me on keyboards and guitar. Jason on guitar and keyboards. Jai Young on bass. Willie on vibes, percussion, etc. and Jordan Glenn - first in the band - on drums and marimba. This was also the first time me and Jai Young played in SC3 together, as well as the first time we played together on stage at all since (holy crap) 2003. Sadly, I was unable to play the next night (it was a two-show event), but Willie and Jason picked up my missing keyboard parts.
Saturday, January 9th, 2016
We're still doing this thing - the band has been alive now for 17 years! It was the current regular lineup (though gigs are rare these days so I don't know what I mean by "regular"). Scrote, me, John on drums, Chris and John on horns, Jamison, Tarik, Paul and Holland on vocals as well as newbie Meryl who fit in perfectly on her debut gig with the band. The event was a big corporate party taking over the entire Meritage Resort in Napa. Long 3-set night. But a fun hang and frankly this is the only way I get to hear new pop songs these days so I'm not completely out of the loop.
Friday, February 19th, 2016
with The Fuxedos and MoeTar:
This was a rather epic double-duty gig for me, as I was playing in two bands for the biggest Undercover Presents production to date recreating the classic Green Day album "Dookie." And - holy moley - it was at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. And the Green Day guys were all there hanging out. As was the mayor of Oakland and of course Jello and many old school 924 Gilman peeps. There was a work crisis to deal with in the morning before I loaded in at 10am and then waited around for hours to do our two soundchecks. There was 150+ musicians milling about in all the green rooms downstairs. What a scene. I went home at 3pm to take a nap, then checked into work and there was another work crisis to deal with. That was on my mind all night as I went back to the Fox. Jenya got a press pass to take photos, which was cool. Anyway, the night started and 15 bands flew by. The MoeTar set, with guest vocalists Erin and Mikki, was suddenly happening and suddenly over. Then I barely had enough time to get ready for the Fuxedos set. In fact despite being the guy who had all the setting up to do nobody checked with me before starting to announce us. I had a mad scramble and kept ~2000 people waiting as I got my shirt and bowtie on in the dark at the side of the stage then dialed in all my patches. But then we played one of the craziest sets all night without a hitch. Phew! Then pretty much just hung out and partied until the big group encore and then the mass load out exodus. Jenya and I fled home, I fixed the problems at work, and then we got celebratory french toast at Can't Fail Cafe.
Friday, April 1st, 2016
with MoeTar:
As part of First Friday in Oakland we had a gig at Uptown Body & Fender. The owners of the shop hosted the amazing Awesome Orchestra before, and once again tonight - but this time with *us*. First the Orchestra played a set, reading down Philip Glass's "Low" Symphony. Then we combined forces to debut two new MoeTar songs for the first time in public, both with full orchestra arrangements. It was wonderful being part of that. Then MoeTar kicked down a usual rockin' set. Despite having to bring our own play and perform in this huge garage, it sounded okay, I think.
Friday, May 6th, 2016
with The Fuxedos:
Easy load-in, easy parking, didn't have to deal with any assholes, had time to get some Mission Street tacos.. all this adds up to an automatically good gig and a very happy Matt. Even better was Martin Luther McCoy and band tearing it up in the opening slot. Then we did our epic set. Not my best performance, but Danny was on fire and that's all that matters. Plus it was Bill's first gig on guitar. I didn't have to deal with faking it on guitar at all - he more than handily covered those parts. Then some awesome swirling Balkan brass of Fanfare Zambaleta rounded out the night. All told a very good evening.
Friday, July 15th, 2016
with The Fuxedos:
For the first time in my life I played at 924 Gilman in Berkeley! Historic venue and all that. Once again it was with fellow "Undercover Presents" alumni, headlining after The Pathogens, then The Love Songs, then Martin Luther McCoy, and then us. Big party. Such a random lineup and crowd. There were some hurdles to overcome during the set (short mic cord, some kid playing with Danny's props). None of these hurdles involved Tom, who was subbing for Steve on bass and he totally did his homework and rocked it.
Saturday, August 6th, 2016
with MoeTar:
We played at the Petaluma Music Festival, with lots of other great acts. Sunshine and tunes, North Bay style! Super easy gig - well organized, great hospitality, and easy loading in and loading out. Felt really good on stage. Played an hour of the usual current set, which is probably the last time we'll do most of those songs, at least for a while...

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