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Thursday, February 17th, 2022
And just like that, back in the saddle again. And this was basically a repeat of what we did down in Palm Springs three years ago before all the shit hit the fan - except this time around we had a much larger band (me, Scrote, Jamison, John, Paul, Jamila, Holland, Ron, Christopher, Ross, Davey) and a whole bunch of "new" tunes in the catalog. We even rehearsed the night before, so it was all pretty solid. Kinda hilarious: after all this time off the set began with an annoying technical failure (dumb config on my laptop got reset when it went to sleep after soundcheck) so I had to deal with that right away. Ha! Otherwise everything went swimmingly, people were stoked in the audience, and it was just good times all around. And oh yeah the weather was so much better this time, i.e. no flash floods.
Sunday, September 25th, 2022
Debut of our PJ Harvey tribute band! Angela (voice, acoustic guitar), Karen (guitar, voice), Jenya (drums, voice), and me (bass, keyboards, voice). Kind of a "soft opening" for all our friends in Angela's backyard, but like 30 people showed up. Ah, lots of friends I haven't seen in a while. Good social/musical times. A little rough around the edges but we blasted out a good set of PJ tunes from throughout her career. People were stoked.
Thursday, October 27th, 2022
with MoeTar:
So strange, so lovely, so bittersweet. Tarik and Moorea left California a couple years ago, as did Dave shortly thereafter. And now Matt is leaving as well. And yet, all of us were around to hang at a Raze the Maze gig (Moe & Tar's band) with also the last local gig of the Matt Huelitt Band before he splits town. Since we were all here (and Jon opened the evening with his band Brunette) we ended up doing two MoeTar tunes as a reunion of sorts. At the end of the Raze the Maze set we all just got up on stage (thank you Colin Hogan for letting me borrow your keyboard!) and launched right into "Butchers of Baghdad." As if five years haven't just passed since our last real gig. Likewise at the end of Matt's set he wanted one more chance to rip through the "Never Home" solo so we got up on stage again to do that. I was honored he wanted to do that tune, since I wrote it, and it was a fitting goodbye to the Bay Area. What a trip. Really lovely evening. Good to see everybody. Good to play together again.
Sunday, November 6th, 2022
Our first formal gig, and once again back at the Ivy Room - the only game in town nowadays! We opened the evening with our set, which was pretty much like the one we did in the backyard a couple months ago, but with one of two more tunes. Felt good about the performance, the tones, and being up on a real stage with Jenya again. Everybody in the band and in the nice crowd were satisfied. Closing the night was the farewell gig of Years befoe they all move out of state. Everybody is leaving. Understandably.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2022
Joshua had a minor covid thing and given an abundance of caution I was pulled into this gig very last minute. First time playing this material in 22 years! I rehearsed with the band on Tuesday (still unsure whether or not I was playing tha actual gig) and we performed two nights later at Duende in Oakland. A dinner + show thing, which was super fun and lovely and well received. Despite having 4 subs that night (out of 9 people in the band) it went smoothly and I had a lot of fun. Such glorious music. And holy cow the crew at Duende fed us so well afterward. Like a total embarrassment of riches - many many plates of incredible food.

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