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Current Status: Of course everything went into limbo for the past few years, but pretending it hasn't... I play bass in the brand new loud/dark/heavy band Monstrika, and keyboards/etc. in Secret Chiefs 3. I recorded piano on some tracks for the latest Igorrr album. I also play everything in various studio projects, with material released under the name Bodies Floating Ashore (or my actual name). I juggle several other curious projects, including playing stunt parts for other bands' recordings, composing video scores, performing in cover bands for fun (and money), and all sorts of random music production. Until their indefinite hiatuses I played bass in miRthkon, and keyboards in MoeTar. I was co-leader or side-man in a zillion other bands over the years.

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No gigs are currently scheduled (for obvious reasons) but I am writing and recording stuff with various projects.. Check back soon!


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While not making music I work at UC Berkeley where I'm part of the world's biggest scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Breakthrough Listen) and helped maintain the world's largest volunteer computing project (SETI@home) during its entire 20-year life span. As well I work on some video games, backpack in the mountains or through the deserts, produce silly videos, or write compulsively.

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(portrait photo by Jenya Chernoff)