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Current Status: Of course everything went into limbo for a few years, and I'm still in low power mode, but here's the current situation... I play keyboards/etc. in Secret Chiefs 3, which is springing back to life. I also play keyboards in Joshua Cedar's 70's Jazz Rock Revue doing lots of fun fusion/prog covers. I also play bass/etc. in a PJ Harvey tribute band called Polly Genius. I played bass in a loud/dark/heavy trio called Monstrika - a band that died during the pandemic. Real bummer, that. I recorded piano on some tracks for the latest Igorrr album. Meanwhile I also play everything in various studio projects, with material released under the name Bodies Floating Ashore (or my actual name). I juggle several other curious projects, including playing stunt parts for other bands' recordings, composing video scores, performing in cover bands for fun (and money), and all sorts of random music production. Until their indefinite hiatuses I played bass in miRthkon, and keyboards in MoeTar. And I was co-leader or side-man in a zillion other bands over the years.

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upcoming gigs

Sunday, December 3rd, 2023
We'll be back at Baltic Kiss in Richmond, doing a couple sets of all kinds of 70's prog and fusion, with at least one, maybe more, new arrangements since last we blew minds and melted faces at that venue.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024
I think this will be my first time playing a gig in Hayward! We'll be at the Bistro pub. We'll see how the local crowd digs our note-dense vibe.

Thursday, March 21st, 2024
Actually there's much TBD, but we're playing at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN at some point, or points, during the long weekend (from March 21st-24th). So many amazing bands are taking over that town. I can't wait!


other things

While not making music I work at UC Berkeley where I'm part of the world's biggest scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Breakthrough Listen) and helped maintain the world's largest volunteer computing project (SETI@home) during its entire 20-year life span. As well I work on some video games, backpack in the mountains or through the deserts, produce silly videos, or write compulsively.

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